My experiences with winemakers.
Madrid Wine Experience

Our relationship with winemakers is a tremendously enriching experience for us.

There are winemakers with very different styles. They have also a good number of points in common.

They have an enormous love for their work, an extraordinary attachment to the land, an acceptance of what nature holds for them every year. They do not seek a short-term economic performance, they are usually quite daring looking for a new way of doing things maybe because they know that if they do everything the same as the neighbor they will not have arguments to sell their wines. Each winemaker needs to think that his wine is unique. And the best way to believe it is to be actually unique.

A winemaker who without knowing a word of English is a fantastic communicator.

Within all these characteristics I wanted to talk about a specific winemaker, who without knowing a word of English, is a very attractive communicator, no matter where his interlocutor speaks or comes from in the world.

Is this winegrower someone with a tremendous culture, who reads a lot. And as happens to people of that kind (that read a lot), they need to tell others their extensive knowledge.

The things he says are so deep and worth so many things in life that although he usually only refers to the vineyards, the wines and the millenary history where he lives, it makes me feel like when I saw a Peter Sellers movie (“Being there”) in which he represents a simple gardener and talks about his plants and the whole world seeks and finds meanings for the most transcendental things in life and politics. That feeling is very curious.

Popular sayings arise from popular wisdom. They allowed the transmission of knowledge at a time when most did not know how to read or write.

Another thing this winemaker does is answering your questions with popular sayings.

He tells you popular sayings have to do with popular wisdom centuries ago. It was very necessary to transmit knowledge at a time when very few people knew how to write and read. One way not to lose that knowledge was to remember knowledge through sung phrases or rhyming phrases.

That quality of expressing with a precision of 100% something with a saying is something that attracts my attention.

The best of our tours is the attitude of our visitors.

On our wine tours, many things may happen. And of course, we drink great wines. But between wine and wine, some conversations allow me to enjoy trips 100%.

The visitor who decides to visit wineries with us in Madrid has, in general, a special filter. It comes from the beginning with what I define as an Indiana Jones attitude, that is, he knows before coming more and less what is going to happen. He is willing to enjoy the 5 senses. And since minute 1 he is interacting and enjoying with other visitors. All those visitors have in common their love for traveling, living nice experiences and drinking good wines. Nearly all participate in the motto of our company that “everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand”

When you meet other people with that attitude what comes up is a big smile in your face from ear to ear. You feel and behave as if you knew the rest of the people of a lifetime.

For us it is a great satisfaction and a very big responsibility.

Those who come make it very easy for us because we enjoy their company. At the same time, we feel the responsibility of putting on our side the 5 senses to make the tour an unforgettable experience.

Are you thinking of coming to Madrid? Count on us. Deposit your trust in us. Come with us to do a tour. We will try to exceed your expectations. Live with us a Madrid wine experience.

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of Winebus

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