History of wine
History of wine, wine stories

History of wine. Wine stories. Stories we tell as we travel to the wine cellars.

In our tours apart from wines and wineries we are interested in telling stories related to wine, with the bodegas where they are made those wines, and with the history of the area where they are located.

Many of our clients are Americans that enjoy learning about Spanish History immensely, and whether it is Roman or medieval better.

As they get into our vans, and after leaving something in Madrid, we try to keep our visitors entertained with many of our stories, some related to what we find along the way. It happens many times that our visitors have such a lively conversation that we let them interact among themselves. Because wines, wines tours, and wine tours are social.

We tell stories. And our visitors too. This is a Madrid Wine Experience.

Not only do we tell stories. Our visitors do too. And sometimes the stories they tell us leave us stunned. Yes. We are lucky people. We do something we love. And we also love getting visitors to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Magellan and his return to the world in 1519.

An example is that we tell them the story of Magellan and his return to the world. We tell our version of how that adventure was in 1519. We have read an exciting version of the life of Magellan written by Stefan Zweig.

In it, the biographer shows the love he has for the character. And how angry he becomes when he writes he was killed on an island lost between Australia and the Asian continent. Filipino visitors of Winebus tell us that the one who killed him is considered a national hero in the Philippines.

We, extolling Magellan and Elcano for the 500th anniversary of their departure, and the Filipinos remembering their hero who killed Magellan. Surprise right? There is always more than one version of the same story.

With an executive of a fracking company

We had a great debate about the advantages and disadvantages and risks of fracking. There is nothing like going deeper into a certain topic, especially if you have an expert in the field.

With this executive, we went to Toro, in Zamora, with some fantastic wines and incredible buildings from the 16th century. Precisely because he was a fracking executive, he had an impressive knowledge of geology.

Few times have I been in more trouble trying to answer your questions about what kind of stones were in those 16th-century buildings

The experience does not end in the visit. In reality, the experience in many cases never ends because we continue to maintain a relationship through social media and Instagram.

Our visitor of Japanese origin.

Another story. A senior citizen of Los Angels of Japanese origin made two tours with us in different days. In one of them, after visiting a winery we went to pick mushrooms with our mushroom expert. This expert is a very odd, funny, and entertaining man. He makes us climb unexpected places. We go up and down fences. I was concerned that this senior man might be in trouble who was not a kid anymore a long time ago. But he enjoyed as much as any other else going up and down.

Our experience is made with a glass of wine in hand at any time we can. But the best of our activity is the quality of people who come.

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of Winebus

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