Castles and wines
vino en un castillo

We love to visit castles while going for wine.

We love going for wine and also visiting castles as an additional activity.

This is a very good combination. And we have both things so handy from Madrid that for us to limit ourselves to visiting wineries would not make sense considering the monumental heritage we have.

Wherever you look, you find incredible medieval castles and cities. The medieval in Spain.

In the Middle Ages, poor people were content to survive day by day. An additional day with food was considered a gift from God.

On the other hand, rich people did not have that problem of securing food the next day. The nobles had only two things in their heads. Go hunting and go to war. That happened throughout Europe. In Spain, there was an additional factor that consisted of participating in the Reconquest fighting the Arabs.

The kingdoms, their borders, and their capitals changed with some frequency.

Reconquest and crusade in medieval Spain.

One way to settle the territories was to build castles to reassure people who came from northern Spain, that they were protected and could settle further south without their lives being in danger.

The border for a good period was the Douro River. The Christians, north of the Duero River. The Arabs to the south. And the small population on the other side of the Duero River could only survive if they adopted a nomadic life. No matter who came, Arab or Christian, the result was the same. If one was found they killed him and burned his crops. His only way to survive was to be a nomad and live on the sheep’s economy.

The wine tour for visiting castles from Madrid and having wine is this.

Behind a good wine, there is always a beautiful story

Behind every good wine, there is always a beautiful story and behind each Castilian castle, there is an exciting story that becomes unforgettable if one listens to it with a glass of wine in hand. That is part of our proposal. We want to show the monumental offer that exists in our country and we want to do it with a glass of wine in hand.

Have you ever been to a hotel in Paradores Spain?

Medieval towns in Spain.

The evolution of our country throughout history has been quite special. Felipe II’s decision to establish Madrid as the capital of Spain changed everything. Cities like Segovia, Avila, Toledo. Síguenza, with a very large influence in the 16th century, lost much of its economic and political power. That which was not good for their economies was fantastic for everyone who visits us now because they remain as they were 5 centuries ago.

We have a tremendously attractive country and we are lucky to be able to see it through the eyes of our visitors. We Spaniards are used to living in it and it is foreigners, especially those who have traveled a lot of the world, who make us see that we have an amazing country.

I am lucky to be reminded of foreigners who visit us with their eyes and comments.

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of Winebus