Mushroom and wine tour
Picking musrooms

Everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. Mushroom and wine tour.

Picking mushrooms while tasting wines

In our tours, we distinguish standard tours from thematic tours.

The themed tours were not intended as a whole beforehand. This type of tours came from our hearts, that is, what we really felt like to do. And we found that people loved our proposal. And so we were doubly delighted.

One of the activities we proposed was going to pick mushrooms with an expert.

Perhaps it was influential that the guide was called Ignacio Sevilla (my name is Ignacio Segovia. Upon knowing his name, I remembered Simon and Garfunkel, Batman and Robin. We were condemned to make a good team.

This man, Ignacio Sevilla, the first time we go out it occurs to him to say the following:

I am an expert in collecting mushrooms and you can ask me what you want

I am an expert in collecting mushrooms and you can ask me what you want. And if I know I will answer you. And if I don’t know, I’ll make it up, but I’ll do it so well that you won’t have realized that I made it up.

I drew several conclusions from that trip: 1) that you have to know a lot about a topic and have a lot of rennet to say that. You have to have exceptional storytelling. 2) That this could be done then, but now I see that when they ask me questions, they often look at Mr. Google to see what it says. I can not compete with Mr. Google, 3) That if you are interested in collecting mushrooms it is fantastic that you come with us, but if you do not care about mushrooms, the experience also hooks. Because what hooks are the stories behind it. Some tremendously well-told stories.

Bodegas Garnacha Alto Alberche
Bodegas Garnacha Alto Alberche

Ignacio Sevilla, apart from being a very good guide, was a very entertaining storyteller. The stories he told were so interesting that I barely picked up a couple of mushrooms in three hours.

What I did was stick to him and asked many questions:

Question: How to heal if a mushroom is poisonous? Answer: Because someone died while eating it.

Question: If you discover a good mushroom area, will you tell people about it? Answer: Of course not. I pretend to have guarantees that there will be mushrooms when I return next year.

Question: Why are the mushrooms collected with wicker baskets? Answer: In order to sprinkle the seed and there may be mushrooms next year.

I felt like going to Mars in touch with the Martians.

What we are proposing is just a mushroom tour?

No sir. It is a tour of mushrooms and wines. The wines come before and after and sometimes we drink them on the mean time.

Everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand.

Our clients are in many cases wine lovers in a high percentage. But what they are 100% lovers of life and understand that everything is much more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand.

Join the next and enjoy it.

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

CEO of Winebus