Do you want to visit Castles near Madrid? Look at this.
Castles near Madrid

Castles near Madrid. 

There is plenty of castles near Madrid.

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The provinces that surround Madrid are called Castilla because of the number of castles there are.

Why so many?

In the middle Age in Europe nobles occupied their time doing three things. a) Going hunting. b) making war on their neighbors. c) Going to the crusades to Jerusalem.

In Spain, with the Arab occupation, the nobles did the same but instead of going to Jerusalem, they did what is called the Reconquest in Spain, which lasted 8 centuries.

The way to convince Christians that the earth was already Christian was to build a castle. The border was continually changing.

In the 16th century, King Felipe II decided that the capital of Spain would not be Toledo, Valladolid, Segovia, Seville or Burgos. He decided that the capital would be a city called Madrid. He did it because he wanted to take power away from the nobles and the Church. He told the nobles that if they wanted to remain powerful they should leave their castles and follow the leader to Madrid.

For all of the above, there are a lot of castles around Madrid from the Middle Ages that can be visited.

Which ones do we suggest you visit?

Castle of Arevalo

Way from Madrid

1h 38 mins 138 kms Option 7, 8, 10 

Castle of La Mota

Way from Madrid

1h 38 mins 167 kms Option 1, 7, 9, 11

Medieval wall of Avila

Way from Madrid

1h 26 min 119 kms Option 7, 11  

Alcazar of Segovia

Way from Madrid

1h 23 mins 108 kms Option 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9

Castle of Coca

Way from Madrid

1 h 44 mins 150 kms Option 2,12

Castle of Peñafiel

Way from Madrid

2 h 6 mins 188 kms Option 3, 5, 12, 13

Castle of Peñaranda de Duero

Way from Madrid

1 h 59 mins 180 kms Option 13,14

Castle of Belmonte.

Way from Madrid

1 h 46 mins 148 kms Option 4

Castle of Consuegra

Way from Madrid

1h 30 mins 130 kms Option 4, 6

Castle of Cuéllar

Way from Madrid

1 h 42 mins 167 kms Option 5

Pedraza Castle

Way from Madrid

1 h 29 mins 128 kms Option 2, 15

Alcazar of Toledo

Way from Madrid

1 h 75,8 kms Option 6

Adrada de Haza

Way from Madrid

1 h 47 160 kms Option 14, 15