An amazing Restaurant in the heart of Ribera del Duero
An amazing Restaurant in Ribera del Duero

Restaurant in the heart of Ribera del Duero

If you ever go to Ribera del Duero, you should never forget that besides wine there is a very attractive gastronomy and beautiful restaurants very well decorated like this one which is an old watermill in which you can have one of the best roasted lambs of the region.

Through the window you can see the river that flows closed to Peñafiel full of friendly ducks that eat from your hand. And they say with proud they make the best roasted lamb of the world.

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You may not agree before going but when you see the oven where they make it you will have no doubt about it. And have it of course with a good bottle of Ribera del Duero. Because everything is more beautiful and more tasty with a good glass of wine in hand.

Normally in our tours from Madrid we start our tours at 9,30 h in the morning. We try to make a formal visit to an attractive winery. Then an informal visit to a second winery. With all that done we have spent maybe nearly 2 hours in getting on the first place and maybe no les than 2 and a half hours on visiting htose two wineries.

So we are for sure by then hungry. We then propose to have lunch inone the best restaurants of Ribera del Duero. 

One the best restaurants of Ribera del Duero

We know that our visitors are coming mainly because of the reputation of Ribera del Duero wines. But there is much more to visit, experiment and enjoy.
One of the things is the beautiful gastronomy there is on the region. The king of this area is the prestigious roasted lamb.

You might agree with us that the best dishes you can have are good after a long preparation time. This also happens with the fermentations in wine. If you make the fermentations very, very slow, you are going to have much better wines. This also happens with the roasted lamb.

It is important you eat this kind of food in pretigious restaurants of the region.
They will have such an impressive oven, they will make many roasted lambs a day.

This is a warranty that the one you are going to have is going to be very good.


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