Ribera del Duero white wines
Albillo grapes for white wines

Ribera del Duero white wines. Many things are moving in Ribera del Duero

I love Ribera del Duero. Maybe because I go frequently and I know certain projects thoroughly.

Also their wines and their stories.

A recent history of Ribera del Duero is that in the Designation of Origin of Ribera del Duero they have given permission to make white wines with the Albillo white grape.

Orthodox wineries and wineries that break the molds.

In Ribera del Duero there are all kinds of wineries. Very classic wineries that try to be very orthodox and try to make wines fulfilling the canons of Ribera at 100%. There are also other wineries that, making very good wines, try at the same time to be at the forefront and drag the appellation of origin to do many more things.

What type of winery I like best I will not pronounce. The two profiles have their charm. I really like that there are both types of cellar. I would say more. I love that there are a thousand ways to make wine and that the visitor feels a bit like Indiana Jones when he visits them. In Ribera del Duero there was already a great diversity in the past but the Internet has accentuated the incentive for being and looking different. And that without losing the identity of Ribera del Duero.

The white albillo grape, the main protagonist in Ribera in 2019.

The albillo grape has always been in Ribera del Duero but it has not been valued what it should have in the past perhaps because of the strength of Tempranillo. This grape was contemplated simply as a complement to make rosé wines. And this caused a lot of winegrowers to tear old vines from of Albillo.

Several wineries appear that want to make the Albillo grape the great protagonist of Ribera in 2019. Among them, El Lagar de Isilla stands out, which has always distinguished itself by trying to make new wines. With the albillo grape they are doing a wonderful job.

Wine tourism as a tool to publicize the region and its wines.

There are wineries that have decided to focus on selling wine without devoting too much attention to wine tourism. Perhaps because they think that this type of activity is very different and escapes them and because they considered that the income they were going to obtain did not deserve the effort.

And there are others, on the other hand who have realized that it is a fantastic experience and that it is an authentic joy to put face and eyes on the final consumer.

Wine tourism evolves rapidly in Barcelona.

Wine tourism grows fast in Barcelona and works somewhat slower in Madrid. To Spain come 82 MM tourists. Of them, a very high percentage continue to come from our climate and our beaches. And that client is mostly English, French, German and Italian.

The great customer of wine tourism is the North American and North European countries. Napa and Sonoma have done a great job of promoting wine tourism. The American continues to think that it is a good way to travel, especially if you talk about one of the world’s great wine producers such as Spain.

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Ignacio Segovia

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