What’s the Winebus?

What’s the Winebus?

WineBus means enjoying a different experience going from Madrid to nearby attractive wineries, not having to drive, tasting wonderful wines, with a nice story behind it. It is also the possibility of relating to others in beautiful cities with very good cuisine and culture. We usually finish the tor with an afternoon activity and a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine in hand.
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This is what they say those who have already enjoyed the Winebus

They say they loved the experience, that they will do it again. They ussually say good bye with a hug even if they know each other only from a few hours before.

We hope that with this information, which can be as comprehensive as you want (from 1 minute) was able to convince you how good it happens when people get on the Winebus.

Do you want to enjoy the Winebus experience?

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